About me


Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.

I am Hourushaa Dowlut, an inspiring and enthusiastic Food & Beach blogger & author living in a little tropical island; Mauritius. I was inspired to create this blog to document my food journeys and the mesmerising vista of tropical beaches.

My Food Blog!
To be honest I don’t eat much but I enjoy cooking, baking and trying new recipes of my own. My Food blog offers a variety of cuisines to suit all tastebuds. What else to seek from fresh summer salad, grilled local fresh seafood and Mauritius cuisines, creative fruit platter and smoothies to an impressive Italian dish and the aromas of Indian Spices to delectable desserts.

Beach! Sea! Sand! Sun! Palm trees! Coconut water!
I have said everything in a few words 🙂

I have completed my Bachelor in Arts Degree in Mass Communication (Majors in Humanities Studies & Linguistics, Communications, Media studies, Visual communications, Public relations Principles, Web Media & Publishing, Marketing & Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design and Creative Advertising from Curtin University. 

Say Hello to connect!
In the sidebar corner, I have left my social digital footprints where you can easily communicate with me or you can stop from disturbing “Hedwig” by sending me a mail on hourushaadowlut9@gmail.com

Be Kind!
All Content, Photos and Quotes provided in this Blog are my own creations. All right reserved to me (Hourushaa Dowlut). The right to reuse or reproduce the Content and Photos remain solely to the owner. In case you wish to use my pictures for educational or media purpose then kindly contact me on my email hourushaadowlut9@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “ About me”

  1. I’ve just looked through your recipes and they all sound and look amazing! I would love to collaborate with you at some point in the future, but in the mean time good luck with your blog!


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