Lemon and Chilli in my Kitchen- For me, Lemon is a small yellow sunshine and Chilli is a spicy friend.


Lemon and Chilli

How great is that combination, imagine cooking a yummy octopus salad, fried calamari, sweet and sour chicken, prawns or fish or any dish in which you enjoy having the lemon sour juicy taste and the touch of chilli which gives a salty and spicy relish.

Personally I never eat chillies but I prefer having a pinch of that flavour in my seafood, Chilli is a spicy friend for me. My food stories have an interesting adventure with those treasures hiding in my fridge and kitchen cabinets.

Lemon is a small yellow sunshine for me, having so many food stories and adventures which always bring a light and happiness in our kitchen and mouth 🙂

So many dishes can be derived from squeezing the juicy lemon; Lemon Tart, Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon juice, Lemon Pickles, Lemon Curd, Lemon Tea, Lemon in soft drinks such as Pepsi Twist, Lemon Macaroon and the list goes on.

I had the chance to have a drop of these extraordinary dishes and I must say Lemon is a magic potion. That small fruit does not just bring magic in your mouth but hold a lot of health benefits also.

Check out some of these photos where I had the chance to have a taste of lemon in drinks!

Lemon Sprite Soda at Ocean Basket

2014-02-26 13.36.53

    Lime Cocktail with Lemon and Sweet Cherry at Pizza Hut


Sip of lemon in my Pepsi at Fish Co restaurant

2014-06-27 13.07.47


I am a tea and coffee lover and am sure many people have that soft corner for tea and coffee. Check out this Photo which might make you dream 🙂

Ice_Milk_and_Lemon_Teas_-_Chilli_Cafe  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ice_Milk_and_Lemon_Teas_-_Chilli_Cafe.jpg

I hope the Lemon stories have been enriching for you, Happy food stories 🙂


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