Arrabbiata Chicken Pasta

Hello foodlovers, today I am going to share with you my version of making Italian Arrabbiata Pasta. Arrabbiata is an Italian word meaning “angry” in English. Angry would symbolize so much the hot spicy taste that the recipe will deliver.



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  • 1 package (16 ounces) Pasta (I am using penne, you can opt for any type of pasta which you prefer)
  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves – cut into strips
  •  Grated parmesan (for the toppings)
  •  Fresh herbs (for the toppings)
  •  Mushrooms
  • 1 grated carrots (optional)
  •  2 tbsp of garlic paste
  •  1/2 tbsp of ginger paste
  •  3 pieces of garlic peeled
  •  6 plum tomatoes, purée
  •  1/2 tsp of Chili powder (Quantity  based as per your preferences)
  •  1 tsp of hot paprika
  •  Pasta spices herbs (for the toppings)
  •  Cilantro (for the toppings of the hot sauce, it will add an organic touch to your sauce, I prefer to have mine topped on with some cilantro since I’m not too keen having hot spices)
  •  Olive oil
  •  Salt and pepper

For the salad:

  •  Zucchini (optional, you can opt to substitute with capsicums and cucumber)
  •  Onions
  •  Olive oil
  •  Salad vinegar
  •  Salt

Now for the salad dressing, chop your capsicums, zucchini and onions in any size that you prefer. Add the vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Again the quantity will depend upon your servings.


1) Preheat a pan with olive oil, in the meantime season the chicken with garlic and ginger paste, salt and pepper. Add them into the hot pan. Let it cook on medium heat for about 10minutes.

2) In the meantime put the pasta on a boil for about 20mins on medium heat.

3) Remove the chicken after 10minutes and add the mushrooms and grated carrots to the hot pan. Pour some additional olive oil and season with salt again. Let the mushrooms cook for 5minutes and remove them. For the carrots let it cook for 7minutes on medium heat itself.

4) In the same pan, add some more olive oil and garlic gloves together. Allow the flavor of the garlic to infuse with the olive oil. After the oil has been preheated, add the tomato purée. Let it simmer for about 5minutes on medium heat, I have added only 1 tsp of hot paprika and 1 tsp of chili powder to the hot tomato, you can add as much as you want. Season with salt and pepper and let it cook for an additional 5minutes. Don’t forget to cover the pan.

5) After 5minutes you may choose to add some water in case you do not want a thicker sauce. However this is optional, it is not necessary to add water.

6) Add the cooked chicken, mushrooms and grated carrots to the sauce and let it cook for an additional 5minutes with lid on.

7) After 10minutes your Italian Arrabbiata is done 🙂 you can choose to sprinkle some cilantro on the sauce.


8) Mix and combine the sauce with the cooked pasta in a bowl.

Ready to be served!  You can choose to sprinkle grated parmesan and pasta spice herbs to your Arrabbiata, this is the way I prefer it 🙂

If you have questions, kindly leave them in the comment box 🙂 till then HAPPY COOKING 🙂


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