Pearl Beach Resort Flic-en-Flac 

“Pearl Beach Resort offers a nice open-buffet for lunch and you will get to eat infront of the beach on a wooden bridge (patio) above the tropical sand, alongside the filao and palm trees”, whispered to me.

I was very excited because I love Flic en Flac beach, with its mesmerising view of the mountains in the South East, especially Le Morne Brabant (See in picture below) and exotic impressive sea and sand. We went on Saturday 19 November 2016 however we were not lucky enough to enjoy a nice sunny weather. The weather was cloudy, gloomy and the waves more energetic.

Pearl Beach Resort & Spa is located in the West coast of Mauritius at Flic-en-Flac. The resort, from my perspective is really inexorable and thrilling, together with all the tropics and beach-inspired vibes that it offers in every element of its resort.

Flic-en-Flac beach, in the background lies Le Morne Brabant Mountain

The restaurant in the resort “Horizons Restaurant”

Once you make a few steps towards the restaurant, you could already digest the heavenly fragrance arousing from the restaurant and beach. “Piquant, spicy, saucy sauce, smokey grilled, fresh green ambrosial and peachy-tooth were all inviting from the buffet”.

The buffet had a wide range of scrumptious yummies;

Non-veg: Chicken curry, grilled fish and lamb sauteed with pineapple & bell peppers.

Veg: Mixed veggies, eggplant curry and salad (lettuce, cabbage, carrot  and tomato)

Pasta: Cheesy lemon butter & garlic penne and linguine in tomato sauce “rougaile”

Dessert: Fruit salad, almond maspin cake and pannacota

“My plate was splendidly filled with all these wonders, totally  a real exploration of everything that was in the buffet.. The grilled fish, mixed veggies, salad and cheesy lemon butter & garlic penne were my favourite, the grilled fish was totally piquant and luscious. The sauteed lamb was another pungent platter with the pineapple and bell peppers to add a sour taste.”



For the drink we took icy Coke


“Time to get some sweet-tooth level up”,  I  got myself some slices of watermelons, a tranche of apple,  pineapple, almond maspin cake and savory and daintly pannacotta (my favourite).


The decor of the resort’s restaurant “Horizons Restaurant” 

“The decor was irresistibly a beach inspired one with its captivating wooden table and blue glasses to complement with the sea and sky. Absolutely calming, relaxing and vitalised”, I reassured myself.

We have opted for the outdoor beach patio in the restaurant which was on a wooden bridge, below which you could admire the sand and right infront the beauteous beach shore. “The ecstasy feeling we’ve got having lunch in that place was totally just heavenly.”

The outdoor patio of the restaurant
Mesmering beach sight from the outdoor patio
I fell in love with the blue turquoise glass, it blends with the sea

Another outdoor restaurant-kitchen in the hotel

With its canoe boat shape we call it in Mauritian creole and french “pirogue”, the restaurant offers the impression of a ravishing boat resting  on the sand infront of the beach.


I was totally absorbed by the panaroma of the resort and its scrumptious and beach-inspired restaurants’ design style.

Oh the pool 

Excuse the photo quality, my battery was about to be dead!


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